Precious Love Adult Assisted Living Facility LLC

Precious Love Adult Assisted Living Facility LLC

The Precious Love Adult Assisted Living Facility LLC in Chandler, AZ offers a residential assisted living home inside of a neighborhood home. With a capacity of just 5 beds, this home might provide a small and intimate setting for your loved one to get the care that she needs. Consider the location, features, and services offered by Precious Love in order to see if it can provide the right care for an aging member of your family.
This facility is located just east of 101. The house has a good location inside of a nice neighborhood, but it is still close to major highways and streets for ease of access. Residents might occupy private or semi-private bedrooms.
Capacity: 5 beds

Services at Precious Love Adult Assisted Living Facility LLC in Chandler, AZ

Staff members include certified nurses aids who provide twenty-four hour a day personal care, meals, and supervision. Other medical professionals can visit the site for scheduled appointments or for urgent care. The home focuses care on assisting residents with activities of daily living (ADLs), but other services might be provided if needed.
Typically, personal care assistance includes help with normal and necessary activities like eating, bathing, toileting, and taking medicine. Personal care plans get developed upon each resident’s admittance to this home, but they may be evaluated and changed over time. The resident’s doctors and family members should provide input into these personal care plans.
Services provided include:

  • All meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Planned and informal activities
  • Transportation assistance

Residents can enjoy their meals in a typical dining room, and the staff always encourages the home’s residents to gather at mealtime. This home has a planned menu, but adjustments can be made for medical diets.
Additionally, planned and informal activities give residents a chance to socialize and stay as active as possible. Some activities include celebrations, movies, games, and strolls outside.
Besides assistance with activities of daily living, the staff also takes care of housekeeping and laundry. Families should feel free to visit as often as they like.

Is Precious Love Adult Assisted Living Facility LLC in Chandler, AZ the Best Choice for Your Loved One?

Trying to choose the right assisted living home for a loved one who cannot take care of herself any longer is always difficult. The community of Chandler offers many choices, but it can be hard to figure out which choice is the right one to provide care for your aging mom or dad when you cannot be around to help. You may need to set aside some time to personally visit a variety of different homes in order figure out which one makes you feel the most comfortable.
When you visit each home, you should be able to speak with residents, the staff, and the management. You should also be given a tour of the home and grounds to make sure that they are always maintained according to your standards. This should help you select just the right new home for your family member.
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